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Juhl Macintyre

Juhl Macintyre is a vibrational enigmatologist who assists others with unlocking their codex and sacred geometric design. She works with a variety of beings including a 12th dimensional Pleiadian Sisterhood, Mary Magdalene, Sirians and the Elemental Realm. She collaborates with galactic guardians, the diamond grid network and inner earth light collectives to ground aurora pillars into the diamond grid and sedimentary layer of earth; this connects Gaia with her spiritual body deepening spiritual connections and unity for all.
Juhl works with the light architecture and energy signatures of individuals to bring a greater self-awareness. As an intuitive channel and healer, Juhl works with sacred design, light language and creative expression, to clear discordant energy and align beings with their pure divine essence.
Juhl is a dual-certified Special Education Teacher with over 15 years experience and has an M.S. in Literacy from Long Island University and a B.A. in Child Study. Along with serving as a healer and guide, Juhl offers tools to consciously walk the highest timeline trajectory of their divine blueprint. Juhl volunteers for the Flower of Life Institute assisting with planning and organizing events for the public. She also attended Weekend in Wizardry and assisted hands-on with a variety of activities.

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