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Kaylaa Kayce

Kaylaa Kayce is the Director of the Conscious Youth program for the Flower of Life Institute. In this capacity, she facilitates remote gatherings with conscious children around the globe who come together to share experiences and hone their special gifts. She also oversees the organization’s annual Weekend in Wizardry day camp event mentoring students and parents in the movement to higher consciousness.

Kaylaa is a multidimensional teacher and consultant who works with harmonic frequencies to adjust and bring stability to the emotional energies of Hybrid and Crystal children. Her unique connection to emotional frequency acts to bridge a child’s higher dimensional, intergalactic energies with their physical structure here on the Earth plane.

Kaylaa works through the Orion Council of Light, as well as with the Yahyel and Dolphin Collectives. In cooperation with Council directives, she vibrationally balances the heart chakra to bring children into alignment with their own distinctive vibration. Her healing work correlates with the need for a new interpretation and perception that is manifesting through today’s Crystal and Hybrid children.

Kaylaa has a Master’s Degree in Education and is a licensed Intervention Specialist. For 13 years she has worked as a teacher counselor of children with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities. While immersed in the 3rd dimensional educational system, Kaylaa’s multidimensional connection created an environment that allowed her students to safely release and transmute their discordant energies.

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