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Music To Protect Humanity From EMF & More

It is clear that as we move forward into this brave new world, one of the artificial additions that has permeated our environment are electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Our addiction to ever more convenient technology and mass communications have all but steered humanity down a road whose consequences are a mystery that is just now beginning to show it's disadvantages. Our health as well as the health of the plants, animals, insects (think bees) and birds all show signs of physiological stress from the prolonged effects of our new companion EMF. A solutions based mindset is quickly needed. In the spirit of musician turned scientist John Keely comes Mark Romero, one of many people who has uncovered a potential solution to this problem. And it's backed by scientific principles.

It's All About Energy

To understand the value of Romero's contribution, a quick lesson is needed. It was previously thought that the human body was solid bone, muscle, and organs, but we now realize that we are made of energy. In fact, everything in the material world, when broken down beyond the molecular level, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Things only appear solid because our senses have been calibrated to receive certain wavelengths of vibration, giving us our sight, touch, smell, feeling, and hearing. The bottom line is that everything is energy. Influences in our environment (EMF) are actually interrupting our connection to this field of energy, which causes us stress, compromises our health and wellbeing, and lowers our levels of consciousness. These energy interrupters can be WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, televisions, and many other energy systems or devices,

Enter Science

Together with the help of former top consultant to NASA Ronald Jones PhD, Mark Romero's music was tested and shown to contain frequencies within it that actually null-and-voided the negative effects of these energy interrupters. Dr. Jones explained that when a person’s energy is optimized, they are brought in harmony with this field of energy. In addition an instant increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and balance as well as optimized brain function is experienced. 

The Mozart Effect

Before there was Mark Romero, other music was being shown to yield positive benefits to it's listeners. The Mozart Effect was coined in 1991 after studies found that listening to his music showed measurable increases in brain function. Interestingly enough, Dr. Jones tested the classical music and found it was not shielding people from energy interrupters (video). The book “Power vs. Force” describes that through testing, it was discovered that certain forms of music would give and raise people's energy while others would lower and drain the energy of the listeners. The advantage Romero's music holds seems to be that it not only increases brain function similar to the Mozart effect, but also has the additional benefits of transmuting energy interrupters and optimizing the physiology of the body.

Not a One Trick Pony

Romero also describes some other amazing discoveries showing “tip of the iceburg” potential in other areas. Namely, that athletes listening to this music perform similar to athletes that are in the rare state called the “zone” and produce the numbers to back it up. GMO food was also discussed as a potential energy interrupter. Upon playing Romero's music, the muscle testing (kinesiology testing) of the individuals exposed to the GMO food showed improvement (video).These are all areas being further studied in hopes of providing more answers humanity can benefit from

To follow Mark Romero's work further, you can see him present headline making information and demonstrations at the Awake and Empowered Expo happening in Detroit, Michigan this October Or listen to the full interview below.




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