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Keshe Foundation, Plasma Physics May Hold Key to Decontaminating Fukushima

On January 6th, 2013 Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot hosted four essential minds to discuss the continued debacle in Fukushima, as well as the recent bold public statements made by Mehran Keshe and his Keshe foundation. What ensued is sure to set minds in motion with of a new wave of ideas. Among the all-star cast included Merhan Keshe, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Mike Harris and Matthew Stein. The broadcast had all the excitement, anticipation, and horror of the 1986 Challenger disaster. The good news: technologies very well may exist to “slow or curtail” the Fukushima disaster today. The bad news: there has been and continues to be a complete media blackout of all important Fukushima information and humanity finds itself late to the party currently.


Keshe kicked off the live stream with a major info dump that would have kept Tesla's attention. As he has watched the Fukushima disaster unfold with the rest of us, he stated his concern that “there are many truths that have not been told. There has been a huge amount of radioactivity released and now the situation is critical. It has went from bad to worse to ridiculous.” Dr. Richard Alan Miller echoed the thoughts of surely 99.9% of all biologists and physicists living in realty by stating “I don't have an answer, I have concerns”. He wisely stated that in addition to talking about clean-up, every single reactor needs to be turned off. They are all 20 years old and leaking.” This statement is backed up by many prominent voices in the anti-nuclear movement, among them Arnie Gunderson, Dr. Helen Caldicott, and Dr. Christopher Busby. Mike Harris agreed by stating “I think it's time for criminal prosecutions for the boards of directors and to power down reactors worldwide." Regarding North America, Dr. Richard Alan Miller stated, “We have enough indicators that the radiation is already here", citing findings of plutonium particles in Arizona & Colorado.


In addition to his library of past public research and findings, Keshe's publically released statements have effectively put his foundation and his name on the line. From those points alone, he, his foundation, and their discoveries carry strong integrity and promise. Keshe's technologies focus heavily on plasma state physics. More directly, the plasma has a core that creates its own gravitational field and atmosphere. This natural process releases magnetic energy creating an environment that can attract various radioactive particles. He claims this can be done with solid and liquid matter. If that is the case, this would translate into soil and water having the radioactive particles ripped from them, essentially restoring the matter to its original state. The question would still remain of what to do with the radioactive material once it has become separated.

Keshe's goes on to say that “this process would only take a couple of days” and estimates that in five years, 80% of Fukushima could be decontaminated. This thinking is certainly moving in the right direction. Keshe and his foundation have received no communication from the Japanese government, Tepco, or IAEA despite repeated attempts to reach out. With this in mind, he has put a deadline of January 30th, 2014 on their dishonorable silence. After which time, he states that he will go forward with “teaching workshops to the Japanese people” given the fact this the “technology and materials are available now”. Meanwhile, Tepco remains hard at work using duct tape, Yakuza members, and the homeless in what continues to amount to a radioactive Rubik's cube of problems in Fukushima Prefecture. This latest broadcast provides a much needed glimmer of hope for the seemingly dire situation.



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