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Intention, Love, and Relationships

Does the intention behind your partner's thoughts and words matter? It appears as if science has delivered yet another blow to those that find themselves in a relationship with a less than ideal partner. By “less than ideal” I simply mean one who leans toward the negative, in addition to discouraging their significant other through verbal abuse, hurtful comments, guilt, fear, doubt etc.

Adding to the groundwork laid by the likes of Deepak Chopra & Wayne Dyer in the areas of body, mind, and spirit comes groundbreaking statements from a pioneer in the area of Linguistic Wave Genetics, Dr. Peter Garieav. Dr. Garieav is doing groundbreaking research on the effects of frequency and energy information on the genetics and DNA of  living organisms. In addition to the sounds we form when we speak, there is another layer of “information” that is conveyed. This layer is invisible to the senses but all too clear to your DNA, that is ALWAYS listening...or as Dr. Gariaev puts it “Is thinking on it's own.

In a recent interview in preparation for his first appearance inside the United States, Dr. Gariaev was asked, “If a husband was critical towards his wife, does that have an effect on the wife's health?” He stated that Yes, the husband is causing certain genetic mutations via verbal genetic information. He is destroying the wife's spiritual body and then after that if continues the physical body.” He was also in agreement that the effects would be reversed if the opposite was true, such as in a case where the husband was encouraging the same wife to reach her potential in a positive way.

Dr. Gariaev's work is confirmed by the findings of Japan's Dr. Masaru Emoto, who showed us through water, and its frozen crystals, the confirmation of the healing power of beautiful music, positive thinking, uplifting speech, and prayer. His famous research found that a person who concentrated on whatever emotion was labeled on a jar of water was able, through intention, to alter the structure of the water in the jar. Click here to watch the short overview of that research if you are not familiar with it. Reading his books .. would be time well spent.

The cross pollination of conventional scientists, physicists, medical doctors, and geneticist into the realms of consciousness and spirituality is quickly becoming well established. Those above mentioned professionals are also talking, sharing their findings, and finding commonalities like never before. Moving forward, this trend will become front and center, replacing the compartmentalized practices and suppression that has kept amazing works from being realized that would have increased the awareness of humanity to what is truly possible.

A Parting Note
Many areas of research have been finding one common denominator, intention. You are creating the world you think is “out there” with your words, thoughts, and programming. For those that don’t like their current situation or seem to always attract the same problems, the common character in all those stories is YOU. As David Icke says “If you don’t like the movie, shouting at the screen will do no good. You need to find the projector and change the reel.” Intention can change that reel. Start taking small steps to get comfortable on your path to living your life through confident intention that you can manifest your dreams. They are working behind the scenes always, even if you don’t see the results today.


Jefferey Jaxen

Alternative/Holistic Health Director Flower of Life Center &
The, Published Researcher,
Corporate Wellness Pioneer, Writer, Inventor

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