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Free Energy Technology To Replace Smart Meters

A shining example of people speaking up and empowering others comes in the much anticipated new documentary just released by Josh Del Sol titled most appropriately “Take Back Your Power”. This documentary is providing the catalyst to thrust the dangers of smart meters into the public discussion and keep it there. In this, Del Sol's first documentary, he combines deep research with impeccable quality making this film the standard of education on the topic, as well as the jump off point for change. It serves to provide further energy to the groundswell movement against smart meters worldwide. In addition, it's accompanying website doubles as a command center for activists across the world to join forces, mobilize, communicate, and affect change.

Among the many issues smart meter present to free humanity, the health related issues are one of the most ominous. Once this device is attached to your home, electromagnetic frequencies are continuously flooding the space you inhabit, making for an extremely unhealthy environment at best and a fatal presence for those exposed.


EMF: The Tip of The Disruptive Energy Iceberg

It was previously thought that the human body was solid bone, muscle, and organs, but we now realize that we are made of energy. In fact, everything in the material world, when broken down beyond the molecular level, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Things only appear solid because our senses have been calibrated to receive certain wavelengths of vibration, giving us our sight, touch, smell, feeling, and hearing. The bottom line is that everything is energy.

When smart meters influence our environment, they are actually interrupting our connection to this field of energy, which is causing a growing list of issues as more research comes to light. Currently this dirty energy has been found to compromise our health, lower our level of consciousness, and adversely affect many intracellular activities giving rise to major illness and in some cases death. (Watch this Live Blood Analysis Showing the Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters)


Expressed Written Consent

If you don't have a “smart” meter attached to your home, now is the time to activate your power. The power companies that are installing these meters want nothing in writing. This serves to protect them down the line when major backlash mounts and lawsuits pile up. Begin today by writing a letter expressing to your power company (the one on your energy bill) that you do not consent to having the updated, advanced, new generation (or whatever word play they will use) smart meter installed. This will show that you are not silent, which is consent in the eyes of the company and law. More importantly, you will be creating the paper trail energy companies most fear. Here is one example of many letter templates floating around the Internet that can be used. (Click Here)


Go Back To The Future

A new breed of scientist and their research community has emerged and is gaining a foothold. Well, to be clear, they have always been here, but they have been fighting an uphill battle against suppression for close to 200 years. These scientists study the harmonious energy that makes up and connects all things. There are no wires, no batteries, no EMF, no WiFi, and no ill effects. This energetic force has many names throughout many cultures including the ether, chi, source, Akasha etc. Some notable figures that have worked with this energy to help humanity include the true father of telephony, Antonio Meucci, who holds patents from the mid 1800's that precede every revolution in the communication arts. He discovered two separate telephonic systems. The first is known as physiophony, telephoning through the body in which deaf individuals could decode vibrational sound information. His second development was acoustic telephony, preceding every other legendary inventor in this art by several decades. John Keely was a musician turned scientist who combined music, mind power and science to engineer working machines based on living etheric technologies. The legendary Nikola Tesla also did extensive work using the earth and this universal energy to power electronic devices and even whole towns from miles away with no wires. As early as the 1940's, Wilhelm Reich used his knowledge of this etheric energy to heal diseases and illness that the modern medical community still is powerless against.


Free Abundant Energy vs Smart Metered Slavery

Currently, the battle rages to rediscover lost information from these great inventors and recreate their work with our modern technology. The learning curve is much shorter this time around. Soon new emerging technology and demonstrations will be common place in an attempt to re-teach to humanity what is possible and destroy their old paradigm of energy, our relation to it, and their co creative harmony with the earth and universe as a whole. It is a two fold approach to turn this ship around.

First, vital information such as Taking Back Your Power must be disseminated to show people that the technologies we are being given are inferior, dangerous, and made to keep humanity from recognizing it's true potential. Second, and simultaneously, work needs to continuously be put forward to show alternate solutions and move the window of what we think is possible.

Link to the new film Take Back Your Power

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