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Dr. Shipov, Torsion Fields, Consciousness & New Pharma

Dr. Gennedy Shipov's first ever keynote presentation in the United States at The Awake and Empowered Expo happened in October of 2013. Yet the attendees of this ground breaking lecture are still buzzing. At times blurring the lines between physics, science and religion, Dr. Shipov kicked off his lecture with the seven levels of reality which encompass the much studied material world of the solid, liquid, gas and particles. But then checked out from conventional science by describing his work in the other layers of what he termed the “heaven world”. These layers consisted of the physical matrix of possibility, the primary torsion field, and finally, absolute nothing. Sitting through his lecture, it was refreshing to hear a physicist make statements such as “modern science knows nothing about the subtle world” or “all matter has and aura” and finally my favorite, “we must use another model to investigate this heavenly world. perhaps religion is a better model

Psycho Physics: A New Field of Study

Dr. Shipov spoke of a new branch of physics named psychophysics that he and others are doing amazing work in. This concerns the study of our consciousness and mind on the physical world. In the psychophysics realm, there is much talk of the torsion field or what Dr. Shipov termed the “super-conscious”. The torsion field is know as the source of all fields (gravitational, magnetic, etc). From his lecture he states that, “this layer of reality doesn't have energy but can transform information”. It is at this point Dr. Shipov made the statement that “our head is a very effective generator of torsion fields”. He joins others on record such as Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, and Stanley Krippner in confirmation of an individual's ability to change the movie that is their life.

Medical & Health Implications

Among the laundry list of revolutionary changes that Dr. Shipov proposes through his findings, the prospect of a new, safe pharmaceutical field gave the most promise. Dr. Shipov introduced a new idea of pharmaceutical medicine that is widely being used NOW outside of the United States. Dr. Shipov describes all pharmaceutical drugs as providing the body with a certain frequency (heaven world) to assist us by providing a physical effect on our body (material world). It is now possible to download that frequency from a website to a disc and then simply set a glass of clean drinking water onto that disc. After 30-60 minutes, the water becomes charges with that frequency. When ingested, it acts the same as taking the physical drug but without the side effects. This movement is has been coined "New Pharm".



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