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Conscious Youth | Connecting with you Spirit Animals

Soul Space | 210 W. University, Suite 6, Rochester Hills, MI | map
Limited parking is available in the Soul Space lot, including spaces marked 'Reserved for Old Library'. Additional parking – directly across the street and immediately behind the building in the River Park lot.

This class is offered free of charge, but donations are accepted for the use of Soul Space facilities.

Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 19:00 to 21:00


Connect with your spirit animals through a guided shamanic journey and learn all about the significance of their presence in your life with Geoff Walker of Living Balance Center

Presented by Spiritual Teacher, Ethann Fox and Intuitive Channel, Micheila Sheldan

As the energies and consciousness of our planet are shifting and changing, we are also seeing an increase in highly perceptive and intuitive youth. Being raised and educated in many traditional settings that do not allow them to explore and express their gifts, there is a need now more than ever for a gathering of like-minded youth that allows them freedom of expression and an opportunity to discover and pursue a spiritual path.

Conscious Youth is exclusively for kids aged 9 to 18 who are highly intuitive, psychic, empathic, telepathic, spiritually gifted or interested in these topics. The goal is to provide a forum for sharing experiences in a safe, fun and friendly environment, as well as a foundation for learning how to develop and grow your energetic, spiritual and intuitive gifts to live a more happy, healthy life.

This group will be run and taught from a spiritually organic point of view and not a class where attendees are  told what to do. We will encourage the participants to share ideas and drive the discussion topics, speakers and activities they are most interested in, with adult guidance and support. The meeting format will include a social time, as well as guest speakers and demonstrations on topics such as spirituality, consciousness, raw foods, channeling/mediumship, telepathy, energy and vibration and meditation.

Parents are welcome but not required to stay during meetings. We encourage you to take full advantage of the gathering space at Soul Space during this time to socialize with other parents, read or meditate. Tea and water provided.

Flower of Life Youth Coordinators: Micheila Sheldan and Alyssa Sprinkle

Questions:  Contact Us

Each child must have a signed permission slip in order to attend youth meetings. Parents may print, sign and send with their child.

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